Portable Appliance Test (PAT)

Portable Appliance Test (PAT)

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We will organise your Portable Appliance Test at your rental property and provide you a certificate for your records. If you supply portable items in your rental property then this needs to be tested to ensure they are safe.

Landlords have to ensure that all Electrical Installations and Appliances are safe, maintained and in proper working order at all times. This means that all items in the property are either covered by an EICR or PAT.

Our PAT is anything with a plug including cooker hoods, fridges, and ovens that the landlord has supplied.

Upon completion of the portable appliance inspection and testing you will receive a report that details the following as a minimum:

  • An inventory containing each appliance type, name, location and description
  • A full set of test results for each appliance tested
  • A full list of any failed items with an explanation of their failure
  • A visible pass or fail label on each appliance detailing the inspection date, next test due and the inspector’s signature.